Hey Sunshine!

We’re local moms, raising kids here too, so there’s a lot of skin in the game for us. We’re TIRED of hearing that there’s nothing to do. We’re TIRED of all the negativity. We’re not sure when it became cool to hate Beaumont, but we’re on a mission. Not only to flip the script, but also to change the narrative. To meet the needs around us and be the change we wish to see in our communities, while also highlighting all the amazingness that already exists and often gets overshadowed.

We're So Glad You're Here

Our ultimate hope is that 409 Family can help fill any and all needs; from easily and efficiently identifying necessary local resources, partnering with local businesses, highlighting local events, joining hands with hometown organizations, clubs, and non-profits, and all around improving the quality of life for EVERY Southeast Texan we come in contact with.
You deserve to THRIVE, not just survive.
You deserve to love where you live.
We truly believe that we’re all better together.

Danielle Sutton

A SETX native, Danielle found herself back in the 409 in 2016 – where it all started. Now she is rediscovering the city she loves, introducing her family to her hometown, and looking for more ways to serve the wonderful community she is blessed to be part of. Danielle is the founder and creator of Blessed Moms of SETX, where she continues to connect with an incredible group of local women and their families, actively striving to help everyone root, grow, and bloom here in the 409. What originally started as a small group created to reconnect with old friends has grown into a trusted resource and known staple for moms in the area with group membership in the thousands. From that tiny spark of connection, the dream of 409 Family was born.

Admin Team

JoAnna Truncali

As a Southeast Texas native whose roots ran so deep she never left, JoAnna is a proudly reformed “Beaumont is so boring” believer. As a homeschooling mom with wanderlust, she always relied heavily on travel as an educational supplement. Enter a global pandemic that grounded everyone – and she decided to find some tourist-in-your-own-town activities to keep them occupied. As a card carrying “Beaumont is boring” member, she wasn’t very hopeful. But what she discovered is that the 409 is such a diverse, unique area that is bursting with history, activities, amazing food, and a sense of community unlike anywhere else. JoAnna graduated from Lamar University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications. She lives with her husband, Jake, and their two boys on 4 acres of unincorporated farm land somewhere near Beaumont.