About JoAnna Truncali

As a Southeast Texas native whose roots ran so deep she never left, JoAnna is a proudly reformed “Beaumont is so boring” believer. As a homeschooling mom with wanderlust, she always relied heavily on travel as an educational supplement. Enter a global pandemic that grounded everyone – and she decided to find some tourist-in-your-own-town activities to keep them occupied. As a card carrying “Beaumont is boring” member, she wasn’t very hopeful. But what she discovered is that the 409 is such a diverse, unique area that is bursting with history, activities, amazing food, and a sense of community unlike anywhere else. JoAnna graduated from Lamar University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications. She lives with her husband, Jake, and their two boys on 4 acres of unincorporated farm land somewhere near Beaumont.
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